Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apparently, we should try reverse psychology.

All right, then ... so ... despite the fact that numerous Canadian women wanted to retain the funding of the Status of Women Canada, its funding was hacked by the CPoC and some of its offices closed.

On the other hand, we have this (emphasis added):

Federal Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice was expected to introduce changes to the Canadian Human Rights Act as early as Wednesday that will give aboriginal people the right to challenge federal legislation governing First Nations.

Prentice said aboriginal people in Canada should have the right to launch complaints about the Indian Act, but currently cannot do so under the Canadian Human Rights Act, because of a specific section in the law that exempts the Indian Act.

Prentice said a proposed bill, which he plans to introduce, will provide that right.

At least one aboriginal leader, however, said she does not understand why the federal government wants to change the law now.

"Our people are fully capable of dealing with these matters themselves," said Katherine Whitecloud, a regional chief of Manitoba.

Apparently, then, Prentice and the CPoC are now terribly, terribly concerned about the rights of women, even when people are telling them to butt out.

For some reason, I keep getting this image of a rabbit and a brier patch.

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