Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm guessing it's my new aftershave.

Apparently, my new manly, he-man fragrance, "Eau de Troll," has them coming out of the woodwork.

Back here in the comments section, one "Jordan Alcock" (and I'm hoping that's his real name and not, you know, his nom de porno, like "Biggus Dickus" or something) has his Zima drinking buddies in absolute stitches with the savage smackdown, "Thinking maybe Canadian Cynic could use some time in a Canadian Clinic..."

Whoo hoo, that's a definite keeper, fer shure. Apparently, getting two words to rhyme is what passes for intellectual achievement on the other side of the ideological aisle. Nicely done, Jordan. Keep practising -- it gets easier as the years go by.

And then there's "Albertaman" back here, who has clearly been released from his cage over at SDA to run wild in the leash-free park and uses the time to sniff a few crotches and leave some right-wing snark in tightly-coiled piles on the grass, such as:

Canadian Cynic, I just thought I would check your site out after a commenters [sic] remarks on SDA. Your site is as pathetic as one would expect. Notice that SDA is so well know [sic] we don't even have to spell it in full. Drives you nuts doesn't it. You should be happy even with my comments because it double [sic] your comment total on your whole site.

After which Kate dutifully picked up the leavings in a small plastic bag and it was back into the car with Albertaman and the rest of the SDA attack puppies.

Next week, Kate takes the entire yapping pack to grammar class, where they will all learn the difference between singular and plural, and the possessive form.

BY THE WAY, "Albertaman" takes great pride in pointing out that, at least this side of the border, the acronym "SDA" needs no explanation. Yes, I'm sure that's true, in the same way that "KKK" needs no explanation anywhere on the planet.

Think about it, Albertaman ... the analogy will come to you. It might just take a while.


¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Its funny a person like Albertaman doesn't loose it's right to coment and stuff. Eveen if it doesnt loose meanig the coment I mean it looses some of it's puch. Totally sic.

Zorpheous said...

Gee, CC, do feel special that Albertaman took the time to pee on blog? I guess he fails to understand the we readers rarely feel to the need to express your greatness and the truthiness of your posts,... it's just a given and completely obvious.

But since these SDA clapping/attack seals of Katies seem to think (using the word loosely here) that DITTO posts are the only true measure of a success of a site,... shit DITTO CC, DITTO.

Also, since we need to state the complete obvious for them,...

The sky is blue,
Water is wet,
Snow is cold
Grass is green
And Harper is a useless idiot.

(they might not know about last one, so just and FYI)