Monday, December 18, 2006

Hmmmmm ... that sounds vaguely familiar.

Once upon a time, the "desperate" insurgency in Iraq was in its "last throes". Now, it would appear that the shoe is on the other foot (emphasis added):

Before any decision to increase troops, {Powell] said, "I'd want to have a clear understanding of what it is they're going for, how long they're going for. And let's be clear about something else. . . . There really are no additional troops. All we would be doing is keeping some of the troops who were there, there longer and escalating or accelerating the arrival of other troops."

He added: "That's how you surge. And that surge cannot be sustained."

The "active Army is about broken," Powell said.

Translation: The American military in Iraq is in its last throes, and they're about to try one final desperate "surge" to try to fix things.

Plus ca change
and all that.

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Anonymous said...

A tip:

When a shoe is taken off of one foot, and put on the other it doesn't fit too well..

Think about it...