Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dear Jonathan: It's been fun.

As much as I like to pick on the Blogging Tories as a whole, there are a small number of them that I consider simply too pathetic to waste any more time on.

There's Dr. Roy (sorry, I refuse to link to that hate-filled pustule masquerading as a human being; if you really want to see what kind of worthless waste of space he is, feel free. Just remember to shower afterwards.) There are others, of course, and to that distinguished list, we can now add Jonathan "Strong Conservative" Strong, whose latest screed scrapes the bottom of the neo-con barrel in terms of dishonest propaganda:

Terrorists Support Democrats

Aaron Klein at WorldNetDaily has a great article on how many terrorist groups are not-so-secretly hoping the Democrats win the mid-term elections this year.

After all, if you read it at WorldNetDaily, it must be true. But it's not just the irresponsible, right-wing crap that Jonathan faithfully reproduces at his site, it's the fact that so much of it is so blatantly, obviously, howlingly incorrect, as when he writes:

Is it any wonder that Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid, and other prominent Democrats have been AWOL during the campaign. Pelosi hasn't given an interview in weeks, and she certainly won't sit down with Fox News to get asked real questions. If anything she'll go to CBS or MSNBC for a few more softballs.

Ah, yes, the "Where's Nancy Pelosi?" meme, a classless bit of dishonesty that has been thoroughly debunked by Think Progress:

The right-wing media — including Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News — have launched a baseless campaign (already picked up by MSNBC) suggesting that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has gone into hiding before Tuesday’s election...

In fact, as ThinkProgress has documented, Pelosi has been featured in numerous public and media appearances recently. Two days ago, she appeared at a public rally with former President Clinton, portions of which aired on television, and in a feature interview on CNN. She also appeared in interviews on CNBC’s Kudlow & Company on 10/24, ABC’s Good Morning America and ABC’s World News Tonight on 10/26, and conducted interviews for profiles in the New York Times (10/30), Newsweek (10/23), and the Baltimore Sun (10/27).

Of course, the same ignorant wanks who spread this fabrication about Pelosi have nothing to say about the fact that their own neo-con heroes -- Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld -- only occasionally slither out of their protective bunkers to give mindless pep talks to the faithful, at which point they vanish again into the darkness, most probably to gnaw on the bones of live kittens and war orphans.

I could go on but what's the point? With this latest idiocy, Jonathan has just joined the ranks of those to be ignored. And, yes, that means he's banned from this site and, yes, this time, I really mean it.

Bye, Jonathan. Have fun in your bubble.

BONUS TRACK: Media Matters also takes the "Where's Nancy Pelosi?" talking point out to the parking lot and kicks it to death. None of which will make the slightest difference to obedient, right-wing stenographers like Jonathan who can be trusted to mindlessly parrot whatever idiotic neo-con propaganda that crosses their line of sight.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan didn't hate the terrorist-enablers though.

It isn't Christian to hate.

He was just offering a link to a groundless, stupid, lying, smear as part of his contribution to political discourse.

Ti-Guy said...

He was just offering a link to a groundless, stupid, lying, smear as part of his contribution to political discourse.

A lot of Christian fundamentalists leaders have gone on record as stating that lying is acceptable for the greater good (which I imagine is their version of a perfect Christian society). It's very disturbing and delusional.

Anonymous said...

Re: Nancy Pelosi gone missing, perhaps the WorldNutDaily crowd should watch something other than Faux "News," and they might see an actual Democrat on their tv occasionally, instead of a 24/7 commercial for the Republican Party. But it's much easier to say Pelosi's in hiding, since she hasn't been on Faux or Rush, or any of the other winger media outlets. Circular logic, anyone?