Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Nostradamus, deadpan mode, please."

Sometimes, you almost feel guilty about taking the credit for being this prescient (emphasis added):

Yes, by George, the GOP almost had this thing in the bag, the insurgents were in their last throes, a bunch of desperate "dead-enders" and all, and along come the Democrats who threaten to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but that's all right as long as George W., in the spirit of co-operation and bipartisanship that he's famous for, reaches across the aisle and stabs Democrats in the eyeballs with his veto pen over and over, after which Iraq will, as a consequence, turn into another Vietnam, which will, naturally, be all the Democrats' fault.

Well ... that didn't take long, did it?

SHAYS: Well, the problem is we’re a divided nation. We went into Iraq on a bipartisan basis and we’re gonna have to find a bipartisan solution, and the Democrats may not want to own Iraq but they own it now as much as this President.

But of course. Having been treasonous, "cut-and-run", cowardly, troop-hating, terrorist-loving, obstructionist scum all this time, the Democrats are suddenly full partners in Operation Mideast Clusterfuck.

Yes, and after I had too much to drink and drove totally recklessly (ignoring all your pleas to slow down and let you drive) and we're now lying in the ditch upside down, I'm going to let you take the wheel and, oh man, we are both so fucked when Mom and Dad find out what we did.

And, yes, I did see that coming, thank you very much.

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