Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Free speech? I got yer free speech right HERE, buddy."

Joel Johannesen, that stalwart defender of fair and balanced public opinion, tells Adrian MacNair what he can do with his right to free speech.

At this point, I think it's safe to say that Joel aspires to rise to the level of low-hanging fruit.

, pro-fetus whackjob Suzanne shows up at Adrian's place and proceeds to perform a particularly ugly abortion on simple logic:

I think Joel Johansson is expressing Free Speech by banning someone. He is perfectly entitled to do that.

Why, yes, Suzanne ... Joel is perfectly within his rights to ban whomever he pleases from his web site. But if he does, he is not entitled to then bitch about others doing precisely the same thing. That's called "hypocrisy," Suzanne -- I'm sure you're familiar with it.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, there's something....psychological...going on with Joel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah--it's the same 'psychosis' that's always plagued the right--'you must listen to what I say but you must never look at what I'm doing!!'
'The book store must sell my right-wing books or it's censorship! But I'll ban whom I please from my blog--that's free speech, baby!'

Anonymous said...

It's always a distraction from the reality of what's going on. Joel's initial outrage was about Chapter's/Indigo...which could only be addressed by the company itself (and lest we forget, Heather Reisman decamped for the Conservatives a while ago). Instead, Joel used it to vent his loony theories on supposed leftist co-optation of public discourse.

With the righties, free speech is never about "free speech." It's about the freedom to lie and not be challenged.

Anonymous said...

Free speech to these folks is talking trash about people you don't particularly fancy. When "the other side" exercises said free speech, we are accused of whining or pushing some kind of "evil" anti-family agenda. The old dish it out but can't take it, kind of reminds me of my days in the school yard dealing with the future Joels and Suzannes.