Sunday, November 26, 2006

We have NEVER been "stay the course."

And another embarrassing bit of history goes down the memory hole.

OFFICIAL RETRACTION: Yes, unlike our wanker brethren, we here at CC HQ have no problem admitting when we screwed the pooch.

Mind you, that "Stay the course" thing ... we're not letting that go just yet.


Anonymous said...

Fucking Orwellian.

Anonymous said...

These days the technology exists to put an ad or something in a video and make it look like it was really on a building or billboard.
Why couldn't they just replace "Mission Accomplished" with "SNAFU" or something?

Anonymous said...

Actually, this one's been debunked. There's no manipulation going on there, much as I'd like to believe otherwise. I saw a very convincing explanation, and I'm hard to please.


M@ said...

Um... anonymous #2... care to share?

The fact you were convinced isn't exactly... convincing, frankly.

Maybe if you signed up for a blogger ID. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

OK, go to Atrios' blog and look down the comments from the same story. You'll find a link to a YouTube explanation under a comment by a guy who names himself Lou Dobbs. I would put the link here, but I don't know how. Sorry.