Monday, November 20, 2006

The upside of Tasers.

Hmmmm ... I'm starting to see the real potential of applying 50,000 volts to certain individuals:

But UCLA police are allowed to use Tasers on passive resisters as "a pain compliance technique," Assistant Chief Jeff Young said in an interview Friday.

Under UCLA policy, Young said, officers can use the weapons after considering the potential injury to police and to the individual as well as the level of resistance and the need for prompt resolution.

Young described Tabatabainejad as a "passive resister" who refused to cooperate with officers. He acknowledged that the student didn't actively resist the officers.

I'm thinking one of those babies could come in handy when I'm stuck behind yet another nimrod in the line at Tim Horton's: "I'd like a medium ... no, make that a large ... and a decaf, no, wait, half regular, half decaf and a muffin, um, do you have any fat free, no, i don't like blueberry but ... YEEEEEEEARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!"

Next time, just order a regular coffee and a box of Tim Bits, OK?

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