Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The next sound I want to hear is a bullet from the alley.

Seriously, after you watch this:

do you really give a shit if these people come back alive anymore?

(H/T Americablog.)


Jay-Me-Dee said...

Hey....new to your blog.

THis is disgraceful....this kinda shit probably happens daily...tormenting children.

M@ said...

And another suicide bomber is born.

Why do they hate us?

Anonymous said...

do you really give a shit if these people come back alive anymore?

Yes. I do. They are badly trained, badly led, and betrayed by their political leadership. The quality of their behaviour is completely dependent on their training and indoctrination. Their training and indoctrination are completely dependent on the quality of their commanding officers.

The quality of their commanders is completely dependent on the decisions of the political leadership

Anonymous said...

Really, it's stomach turning. These are kids with guns, in a situation where they don't know if they'll be alive 10 minutes from now. Really. I don't think we can even grasp that.

While I find the behaviour abhorrent, I find the fact that they've been placed in that situation far more disgusting.

Mike said...

Cruelty of treatment does not excuse cruelty of treatment. So these poor schmucks got led badly into a war they couldn't win? Welcome to 2004, when everyone else, besides those of us who predicted this outcome in 2002, figured it out.

Sorry, but it is common sense and common decency to treat the people you keep saying you are there to help with respect, rather than using them a mental playthings for your own sick amusement. Those soldier are like that because their moms and dads taught them it was ok to taunt and tease like that.

I do not wish them dead, but I sure a hell don't feel sorry for the arrogant prigs. And m@ is right, another suicide bomber is born - and a new cell leader, and a kid willing to give away American positions for some food, and three snipers. And that's just from the horrified onlookers. Imagine how the kids themselves feel.

Get them the hell out of there now.