Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is this thing on? Hello?

Apparently, someone's auditioning for that new Fox News right-wing comedy travesty ... uh, show:

Well, He Didn’t Scream — That’s a Good Sign

The full text of Howard Dean’s speech to the Liberal convention is now available...

I’m not watching the Liberal convention, but I gather he didn’t scream or make any silly noises.

Yessir, that joke just gets funnier every time I hear it. I mean, after the first 1,500 times, it's a real knee-slapper, isn't it?


Simon said...

Only in this fucked up world does Howard Dean continue to be ridiculed and treated as an unhinged extremist, when he was delivering absolutely prescient speeches back in 2002 about the dangers of invading and occupying Iraq.

A scream disqualifies one from running for president, but being a mentally handicapped drunken coke-head draft-dodging psycopath doesn't. Nice.

RossK said...

He did not scream.

He did, however, fling a few verbal freedom fries by speaking, well....