Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Great moments in Canadian punditry.

This is why Adam Daifallah gets invited onto The Agenda, and you don't.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, Daffy's got a cult...

Excellent job this evening, Adam. Your thoughts were well-articulated and thoughtful. More importantly, perhaps, you served to ideologically anchor a debate that seemed to veer to the "mushy middle" far to frequently. Mr. Segal is an intelligent man - few dispute that - however, the brand of conservatism which he endorses has proven to be unpopular in theory and ineffective in practice. The generational distinction - between the Central Canadian Red Toryism of Segal and your more ideologically rooted, modern conservatism - was readily apparent. Good for you; keep on fighting the good fight.'s positively Daifallahovian.

Little twit said about two sentences that contained actual content and then grinned and giggled the rest of the time.

When is Dumdaifallah's 15 minutes up, anyway?