Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What part of "metaphor" do you just not get?

Dude ... when we use the phrase "bitch slap," we don't mean it literally.

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¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

That's rich. "I'm grateful for my wife's strength to speak up. First of all I need God's forgiveness and I need my wife's forgiveness and my family's. Then I need the public's forgiveness and all other officials I've done harm to."

Why do you get the sense that he should maybe have continued?

"...and then I need forgiveness from the newspaper boy and the postman, and that fella who distributes the Phil’s Hardware flyers. Also from our cat, for yesterday (and last Thursday), and from the older guy who works at the toll on the turnpike, and the lady in the next booth over, too. Then I need forgiveness from the popcorn girl at the movie theatre on Sunday, and the usher, plus the kid who was in my way in the bathroom when the movie was really just about to start."

"I also need forgiveness from the cabbie the other night, and that blind lady who apparently needed a cab at the same time that I did. And from the 2 clerks in the video store, I ask forgiveness as well. For Wednesday I mean."