Monday, November 27, 2006

Once they're born, though, that's a different story.

Apparently, that sanctimonious reverence for all human life ends shortly after birth:

"It was great fun to listen to Mustafa's idiotic shrieks"

"All college students should be tasered on the first day of orientation to break them in, and all UCLA students should receive a weekly taser enema if overheard using the expressions 'abuse of power', 'Patriot Act', or 'civil rights' at any point in their school careers."

I give you ... the Holy Taser of Antioch.

AFTERSNARK: I'm a bit creeped out by Kathy's gleeful approval of the idea of a "weekly taser enema." Maybe it's just me, but it seems that Catholics in general are disturbingly obsessed with all matters, uh ... anal, if you catch my drift.

And I think you do.


Anonymous said...

OMG.... she actually wrote that.

I thought you were joking... but no... she actually.... moved her fingers over her keyboard, typed the letters in one by one, and hit "post".

I am not joking when I write that when I went to the website and saw that she had written this, I almost had to run to the bathroom to vommit.

CC said...

Well, technically, she was quoting someone else who wrote that but, really, is that a distinction you'd try to hang a defense on?

Anonymous said...

"Who would Jesus taser?" She doesn't allow comments, the coward.

cc: "Well, technically, she was quoting someone else who wrote that"

Well, some people say...

Anonymous said...

How disgusting. I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

I did get as far as the cops demanding that he stand or get zapped again, which is ridiculous, since the guy had already been tasered once and was in cuffs - how the hell was he supposed to get his muscles to work. He was screaming in pain, for fuck's sake.

Serious overuse of power there.

Anonymous said...

tsk, tsk, ... you lefties are such an uncivil bunch. all she's doing is expressing the opinion that human rights have the value of used toilet paper and that dissent should be punishable by torture.

Anonymous said...

She's just having flash-backs to all the beatings and flailings she received at the hands of the nuns. She thinks it builds character, and it does. Unfortunately it builds the kind of character she herself possesses. ie, the character of a lunatic with delusions of grandeur.

Should we petition to have Shaidle put on a 24-to-72 hour hold?