Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No, you're not a journalist, you're just a blogger. Deal with it.

Over here, Ed Hollett draws our attention to a dicey issue these days -- as a blogger, is you or is you not a "journalist?"

Correct answer: you isn't, unless you grant that every idiot with enough smarts to sign onto Blogger is now a "journalist," which would logically imply that Steve Janke is a "journalist," and that's a concession that's just miles outside my comfort zone.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you were all op-ed opinionists? But, perhaps he means journalists as in "I keep a journal", as opposed to "I am employed at a paying journal".

One thing I do enjoy. The on-line opinionists with better research and reference abilities have a real time forum to explode facetious claims from other opinionists and skewer them point by point to the wall.

There's nothing like a good logic stream to drown hubris in.