Thursday, November 23, 2006

Apparently, there's just no pleasing some folks.

What ... you got a problem with the word "wanker"?


catnip said...

What the BLEEP was that all about? ;)

Anonymous said...

Who knows? These religio-nutbags are all insane. I kind of like his blog design, though. SUZANNE should copy it...hers is god-awful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for shame for Shane.
He really should get out more in the www.
BLEEP has been out for at least one Friedman which equates to about 6 internets years.

Now it has morphed into a term of almost pathetic endearment of a life-skills challenged individual. Kind of like an old one-eyed, toothless and lame mad chipmunk trying to assault your hiking boot with the intention of setting the tables straight.
It could be rabid but looks more like a case of self delusion.

Does that sound like anyone we know?