Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I guess that's why they call them "red" states.

I'll bet you never expected to read this:

GOP Senatorial Committee in the Red

The Republicans' senatorial campaign arm, which lagged behind other national party committees in fundraising the past two years, emerged from the Nov. 7 election in debt and is soliciting donations to get out of the red.

In an urgent appeal to donors this week, Sen. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, the chairwoman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, beseeched contributors to "help us retire our debt."

"If we let this debt linger, it will cripple our efforts to recruit great candidates for the next election and begin our drive to win the one additional seat we need to regain the Senate majority," Dole wrote.

No fear, Liddy -- Dianne should be showing up on your doorstep any day now to help out. It's not like she has a full schedule around here anymore.

And if that fails, well, you might try to suck some money out of this.


Anonymous said...

So when's our version Katherine Harris heading back down to Loonyville? Or is she planning on staying in Canada and becoming a burdern on the nanny state? She has no marketable skills, after all.

Anonymous said...

Brings new meaning to "What goes around, comes around"
I wonder where all that money went?