Monday, November 20, 2006

"Quick! Get me rewrite!"

Good Lord, man ... more left-wing, liberal media bias! Damn that National Post! Damn them, I say!


Paladiea said...


Please, that would snarl up traffic everywhere, and THAT at least would make the news.

Spadina and Dundas is known for people protesting the Asian governments for it's less than stellar human rights records. Of course any redress to that is going to get support.

Also S+D is SUPER croweded EVERY DAY. Poor misguided conservative.

Anonymous said...

This is the third time this has been point out today. It apparently started with some whinge over at FreeDominion.

What an echo chamber.

Mike said...

paladiea has it. Even 'hundreds' wouldn't fit on that corner. I would say probably 20 people holding banners and everyone else shopping.

Not that KS is a liar or anything but...