Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yes, comments are now fully moderated.

But only briefly. I'll explain why when I get back.

NOW, WHERE WAS I? Oh, right, an infestation of Dodos, as Blogging Tory MariaS showed up to spew her particular brand of hate all over everything. First, there's this beauty she submitted a while back that I've been hanging onto for a special occasion:

Take a screen shot of this:
You are a cowardly, stupid, low-down muck eating snake of the worst order.

How about this:
You are a stupid, ignorant, moronic fuck.

Or how about this:
You are sucking up to people who are sucking on the govt's teats hoping
those leeches will send you some donation when they get their ill-gotten

and let's go for one more:
You are a sick person but there might be a cure if you pull your head out of
your arsehole to take your meds once a day.

MariaS (dodocanspell)

Lovely. Then there was her earlier comment today on Lindsay's post (which I deleted), wishing really, really hard that it would rain this evening.

And, finally, there was this from just a while ago today -- again from the genteel, classy MariaS:

You stupid fucked up sob. You are so concerned about one taliban detainee? Have you given a thought to the 100s of soldiers coming back in coffins. Like I left a comment earlier at some other post on this same freaking subject that you have embraced to your heart, you are beyond contempt. How anyone can live with themselves with such hate for one's fellow Canadians like you have is beyond me. You would prefer to have a Taliban monster as your fellow traveller than a Canadian soldier? You are a fucked up bastard of the worst sort.


But remember, kids, it's we lefties that need a lecture on civility. One wonders if MariaS still feels a powerful need to show up here and comment where she's not particularly welcome.

P.S. Comments are back on.

P.P.S. Stephen Taylor must be so fucking proud.


liberal supporter said...

I'm betting 20.

This is a contest right? How many outraged BT poops were dropped on the previous thread. My guess is 20.

Lindsay Stewart said...

Censor!!! Z0MG!?!

Dave said...

Hmmm... regarding that last comment, it would seem Boris wrote a post over at TGB which kind of addresses people like her.

Sort of.

liberal supporter said...

So in other words, she supports the Soviet Union, who the Taliban were fighting when we called them "the mujaheddin"?

What a stalinist that Dodo is. Typical, she wants anyone who disagrees with her put away.

ForestP said...

To be frank, the Taliban are not the Muhajeddin. We (the west) armed and funded the Muhajeddin so that they'd incite the Soviets to go into Afghanistan. The taliban were a product of the madrassas in Pakistan.

Muhajeddins were composed of a number of muslims from different national backgrounds (chechnyans, africans, arabs, those from the balkans, indonesians,etc.) Al-Quaida is primarily made up of gulf-state Arabs.

The Taliban itself is largely an Afghan-Pakistan organization. It has stated on a number of occasions that it has no desire to develop its influence outside. It is mostly a resistance movement against the US-NATO invasion and ensuing chaos that it has brought to the region.

Would have to say that the nomenclature we apply to those we are fighting is highly important, but that in Afghanistan these distinctions are often blurred by the tribal relations from region to region.

MariaS is a child.

Metro said...

"How anyone can live with themselves with such hate for one's fellow Canadians like you have is beyond me."

Us too, honey. Us too.

sooey said...

Well, Canadian soldiers as fellow travellers are pretty high maintenance. A Taliban monster is like, "just toss me a hard rock to lay my head on and some snow as blanket cover and I'm good - death to you, infidel - goodnight".

CK said...

I think they all need to be locked up on a psyche ward. I certainly hope their loved ones (IF they have any?) lock up all the sharp objects.

craig said...

WV: crasi

That is all.

KEvron said...

those were aimed at you?! i thought she had mistaken your blog for her diary. what a venomous little ogre she is.


sooey said...

He's more a fucked up bastard of the best sort, anyway. Stupid dodo.

Holly Stick said...

The insults show a sad lack of imagination. 'Muck eating snake' is the best and to be more biologically accurate it should have been 'muck eating worm'.

But hey, they were all spelled right.