Monday, December 07, 2009

What. The. Fuck?

It's like they're on a different planet. Really.


Dr.Dawg said...

WTF is the Macadamia Nut on about?

CC said...

Beats me. Normally, he's just celebrating the violent death of people who live in Toronto. Hard to believe he's branching out into blogging about anything else.

liberal supporter said...

Well, it started yesterday. The massively stupid "maryt" decided to sneer about the Montreal massacre by pointing out a much more important anniversary from 67 years ago. I pointed out her illiteracy and innumeracy by enlightening her that Pearl Harbor was December 7, not the 6th when she was commenting, and it was 68 years ago, not 67. She dissembled about the international date line, though it is unclear to me how this relates to the fact that Montreal massacre and Pearl Harbor were on different days.

Today, he was on about some mascara application brush, which a few seconds of google revealed actually works, contrary to his rant which was straight out of the 80s when one would lament humans' idiocy at buying pet rocks.

However, for maryt to be so concerned about December 7, I am surprised she did not notice that December 7 is the anniversary of another date that lives in infamy.

liberal supporter said...

As for Dr. Dawg, neo is following the Patrick Ross tactic of trying to look good by sneering at Antonia Z. Somehow it is supposed to make you somewhat equivalent, kind of like how the climate deniers and creationists want equal time for their assertions which have no scientific support.

But really it is just envy. PR and neo are both attacking people who are PAID to write, while they themselves labour away in well earned obscurity.

Kelseigh said...

What are on the same days are the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre and the Halifax Explosion. But the latter is mostly relevant to Nova Scotians and people from Boston, while the MM is relevant to anyone.

(disclaimer: I'm a Nova Scotian)