Monday, December 14, 2009

Too much time on someone's hands.

*SIGH* ... Apparently, I have to explain that I was being sarcastic when I wrote "too much time on someone's hands." And now that you've made me explain that, I must punish you:

You should feel suitably punished now. Except for you people that enjoyed that. You're just weird.


Baba said...

It always bothers me when someone expresses themselves creatively (impressive or not) and another derides that person of having "too much time on their hands".

I personally like the fact that you post about the Blogging Tories, CC. It prevents me from having to visit those cesspools myself. At the same time, how many people criticize you for having "too much time on your hands" for your frequent visits to Dodo's blog? These visits enable your own creativity -- aka your pithy remarks.

Regardless, this Xmas light display is totally cool. And you agree, or you wouldn't have posted it.

Baba said...

*SIGH* I was being sarcastic in MY comments. I totally knew what you meant (probably one of very few, in fact) but I was writing in the guise of one who doesn't understand subtle sarcasm. I can't believe you didn't catch it, man.

I totally must be weird as I loved that song back in the day, as it appeared on one of my old K-Tel hits compilation records, called "Dimensions". If you make fun of me, I can just say I was being sarcastic again.

CC said...

I can't believe that you didn't catch how my sarcasm was only a response to your sarcasm, which was based on ... on ... oh, crap, where was I going with this?

I'm pretty sure that's Balby's cue to jump in and say something irrelevant but pithy. Mostly pithy.