Saturday, December 19, 2009

There's stupid. And there's reality.

The stupid. And the reality:

Al Franken's office has been reaching out to a lot of folks this evening making the point that Sen. Franken refused to let Sen. Lieberman go over his alloted 10 minutes because he was under strict instructions from the leadership to keep everyone to the clock so that they don't run out of time to get this thing done before Christmas.

And that's why we pretty much write off anything coming out of the Blogging Tories as uneducated, pig-ignorant swill. I'm sure you understand.

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Stimpson said...

"This is what happens when you elect a comedian to government."

What? He holds people to the rules of the Senate? He denies a privileged, entitled-feeling blowhard the chance to go past his allotted time to explain further why the U.S. should go reeeaal sloooow on saving its dying citizens?

Thank you, comedian.