Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stephen Taylor: Always on top of things.

And given the explosive nature of today's developments, it's nice to see that Blogging Tory co-founder and Captain Canada Stephen Taylor understands what matters.

What a complete, fucking prat.

AFTERSNARK: I have been frequently criticized for mocking only the intellectually "low-hanging fruit" of the BT Dumbass-o-sphere. We all understand that that includes Taylor as well, right?


Anonymous said...

Colvin did a great job with his rebuttal of the Conservative "facts"...

It is obvious that some are lying and it's not Colvin...

But hey, the Connies will try to deflect because it is all they have.

Dave said...

Now, let's get something straight.

Conservatives are allowed to do silly shit in reference to guns - nobody else. Only Conservatives are allowed to make reference to the idea that they'd use a gun to get their way - nobody else.

If somebody else even remotely suggests that they'd give a right-winger a taste of his/her own nutball behaviour... well that's just obscene!

Screeeech! And the puddle starts to form at their feet.