Friday, December 18, 2009

"Free speech," as it is mangled.

I fully expect to see Canada's "free speech" warriors get terribly, terribly worked up over this any minute now. Yessir, any minute now. Just you wait ...


Niles said...

I wonder how many members of the Harper government are Canadian sept members of the religious sect 'The Family', who run 'C' House in Washington DC and back the lethal idiocy in Uganda over homosexuality deserving criminal death.

If that group is willing to troop to Africa and screw around there, I have a hard time seeing such a theocratic organization ignoring the only 'official' neocon governing party in North America, which is engaged in running a country's policies into such stereotypical rightwing tropes.

As we've been informed, 'The Family' grant their political pets indulgences to lie large and live low, because it's ok if you're a Chosen One. They're different, pain hurts them.

This is likely my effort to find external reasons to explain why the Cons keep pulling trope after predictable trope and it's barely blips on the radar.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

Oh c'mon... you're not going to hear from them. After all, it's no scratch on free speech when government officials feel free to lie.