Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shriek, shriek, shrieeeeeeeeeeekkk!!!!! Oh ...

Shorter crazed, howling, hysterical, bloodlust-soaked Blogging Tories: "Cenotaph! Vandalism! Bastards! Screeeeeeeee!!!!!"

Shorter reality:

Cenotaph damage might not be vandalism: police

Damage at the provincial cenotaph in Fredericton might not have been the work of vandals as initially thought, police say.

It's possible the three-metre granite cross atop the monument fell over on its own because of structural flaws, said Const. Ralph Currie.

"As in all investigations, they look for physical evidence that may have been left at the scene, whether that be foot impressions, tire impressions or whatever. And it's my understanding that none of that has been found," Currie said.

There weren't any obvious tool marks or evidence that the cross was pulled over by a vehicle, either.

Explanation, please? Oh:

Concern was raised a couple of years ago that the cross was moving, Currie said. A steel post was put through the stem of the cross, but it's possible it might have come loose.

As for the second monument, witnesses have suggested it was bumped by a lawnmower earlier this summer, said Currie. Police aren't ruling anything out.

"It's not for police to believe one or the other," Currie said.

Man, but that's timely.

(Wag of the tail to Robert McClelland.)

P.S. Feel free to leave links to any of Canada's other dingbat wankers who went batshit crazy over this and who would now be feeling at least a little sheepish if they had any sense of shame whatsoever.


deBeauxOs said...

Admit that they went off the batshit crazy, Con propaganda-spewing deep end?

Sadly, not that bunch of rightwingnutz.

Ti-Guy said...

Feel free to leave links to any of Canada's other dingbat wankers who went batshit crazy over this...

That would be all of them, no?

Who cares? Even acts of vandalism by stupid people are not worth getting riled up about. That's just the reaction they want.

Balbulican said...

I am much relieved that Kathy Shaidle won't hate Canada anymore. I was losing sleep about that.