Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am CC, the great and powerful.

Apparently, I am the towel snap to the nads against which all others shall be measured (check the comments there).

I am CC, the great and powerful. Fear me.


bocanut said...

Your a juvenile foul mouthed woman abusing egomaniac.
You should be pitied.

David said...

Leaving aside bocanuts failed attempt at grammar and coherence...Is the Iceman arguing with himself in the comments? Does he have a twin with the same pseudonym, or is he the only committed commenter on his blog?

OT: CC, my failure to convince the managers to make the move you suggested has resulted in a glorious cluster fuck (completely predictable) when we migrated to a new MS server that didn't really support our software. We shoulda' listened.

CC said...


I believe it's a one-sided conversation over there only because Iceman removed all of Raging Justin's comments. That was probably for the best.

And, yes, I told you so. :-)

David said...

Thanks for the clarification. And just because you were right doesn't mean hell. Never mind.