Sunday, April 05, 2009

Welcome to my nightmare, TBogg.

Someone is waving their pee-pee around and getting all up in TBogg's grille:

I try to point out that conservatives are having difficulties keeping their murderous impulses in check and this is the thanks I get from JammieWearingFool:

Rumor has it T-Bag lives in San Diego, a town I really enjoy. Maybe next time I visit I can slap his bitchy little ass around. Although I doubt the punk racist homophobe would be man enough to take me on.


Well, sure, you might call him "JammieWearingFool" on that side of the border. Up here, we just go with "Twatsy." It's shorter.


Ti-Guy said...

Sounds like flirtation. "Slap his ass around?"

Audrey II said...

"Up here, we just go with "Twatsy."


the rev. paperboy said...

I suspect the lovely but potentially lethal Mrs. Tbogg will simply feed Jammiewearingfool's remains to the bassets. I don't think the somewhat popular diabolical conservative ridicule machine will need to dirty his hands.