Friday, April 03, 2009

James Lunney, you ignorant fuckwit.

How is it that people this screamingly ignorant are in a position of governing the rest of us?

Mr. Speaker, recently we saw an attempt to ridicule the presumed beliefs of a member of this House and the belief of millions of Canadians in a creator. Certain individuals in the media and the scientific community have exposed their own arrogance and intolerance of beliefs contrary to their own.

Educated people have every right to be arrogantly intolerant of ignorant turds like Gary Goodyear and James Lunney, who are as monumentally stupid as it is possible for a human being to be. No one needs to be tolerant of ignorance and stupidity, and no one needs to apologize for that kind of intolerance.

We have no need to apologize for our intolerance of racism, or sexism, or child abuse, in exactly the same way that we need not apologize for accusing Goodyear and Lunney of being abysmally ignorant cretins who are so fucking stupid, it's a miracle that they can dress themselves. But it doesn't end there, as someone has been feeding Lunney some creationist drivel on the side:

Given the modern evidence unavailable to Darwin, advanced models of plate techtonics [sic], polonium radiohalos, polystratic fossils, I am prepared to believe that Darwin would be willing to re-examine his assumptions.

Oh, dear ... someone has been reading creationist propaganda -- propaganda that has been viciously and savagely refuted for a very long time. And here's where it gets so deliciously entertaining. Because, you see, the long-refuted idiocy of both polonium radiohalos and polystrate fossils have been used by creationists for one purpose and one purpose only -- to strengthen the claim for a fundamentalist-style young earth.

Those two bits of creationist twaddle have nothing to do with the more recent Intelligent Design. Oh, no ... their purpose is, quite simply, to bolster the notion of an Earth only a few thousand years old. In short, what Lunney is promoting here is pure, unadulterated, young earth, Biblically literal creationism -- a literal reading of the Old Testament, with a subsequent age of the Earth to be measured in only thousands of years. It is the worst, the most appalling, the most ignorant version of anti-evolution rubbish available -- a direct repudiation of not only biological evolution but geology, paleontology, archaeology, cosmology ... you name it. It is man walking with dinosaurs; the Flintstones as a documentary.

Quite simply, what we have here is a Conservative Member of Parliament who is a monstrous imbecile in every aspect of science imaginable. And, sadly, I can't even be surprised anymore.

AFTERSNARK: Not surprisingly, PZ Myers is all over this, with his own links to refutations.

KICKING JAMES LUNNEY'S ASS: I can't imagine scientific illiterate James Lunney will ever be held accountable for his monstrously imbecilic pronouncements on science. Canada's Conservatives have perfected the strategy of saying unspeakably stupid things, then perpetually deflecting any criticism by suggesting that any such criticism is somehow inappropriate.

But wouldn't it be delightful if some enterprising reporter got the chance to ask Lunney, "Can you explain the relationship between polonium radiohalos and biological evolution?" Because I think it's safe to assume that Lunney doesn't have a clue what radiohalos are, or what they're supposed to represent, or that they're used by creationists to defend a young earth creationist perspective.

Even better, wouldn't it be just ducky if someone called Lunney on that during Question Period. Really, does anyone have the grapes to take it to Lunney in the House of Commons?

Realistically, I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm finally beyond that.

BONUS TRACK: Lunney also demonstrates his shrieking lack of understanding with:

For science establishes fact through the study of things observable and reproducible. Since origins can neither be reproduced nor observed, they remain the realm of hypothesis.



Mike said...

How could anyone still vote fr these boobs?

Zorpheous said...

Oh Jebus, how long will it be before Patrick shows up at PZ's place to educate PZ and other about Evolution and that Mr. Lunney really does believe in Evolution because be believes Darwin existed,...

Zorpheous said...

I think PZ takes a certain amount of pleasure discovering the Teh Stoopids that are not in the US. He can point and say "Look more dumb and stoopids over there" This gives PZ the much need rest to recoop from the US version of Teh Stoopids,... who can blame the poor man, he's hip deep in them at times,... must be very trying to say the least.

M@ said...

Is it just a coincidence that both Lunney and Goodyear also have the same taste in movies?

RevDave said...

M@ - not really. They're also both creationists, and both chiropractors. Do you think they might be clones?

In all seriousness, I don't know much about Goodyear's background, but Lunney's scares me. He's got some pretty good connections to the charismatic religious right, which I went into on my blog.