Friday, April 10, 2009

It’s not me, it’s you.

Dear Blogosphere Tards:

Things have changed between us lately, haven’t they? When we first started out it was nothing but fun, fun, fun but now ... well, it just seems so pointless. A girl can bang her head against the wall for just so long and, to be completely honest, you’re no longer amusing.

My Irish grandfather was particularly fond of saying "If you lie down with dogs, you'll get up with fleas, and that's the fruits of travelling with a fool". So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think we need a break – quite possibly a permanent one.

Pondering my next step,


Red Tory said...

You need to stop reading the leg-humping nonsense of Hunter and that whole blithering ilk of fatuous nincompoops.

stageleft said...


The Seer said...

True Irishwomen have extra hard heads; they do not let walls win.

The Seer said...

Some people call it "stubborn;" I'm too scared of Irishwomen to say anything like that.

LuLu said...

But I'm only half Irish.

And Italian women (at least the ones in my family) are known for being brutally pragmatic. And stubborn.

So it's quite the dilemma I find myself facing.

Romantic Heretic said...

I can dig it.

My intake of tard politics has been reduced to almost nothing over the last year.

If nothing else my stomach doesn't spend so much of its time rolling over.

It's a hard habit to break though. Sigh.

Robin said...

Part of the reason I rarely blog "seriously" is because I know the trolls and tards will come a-swamin', and I don't have the stomach to grapple with them as you folks do. Hell, I can't even read it without the protective layer of disdainful snark you and the Sadlynauts provide most days.

What I'm saying is, LuLu, you've already done a great deal, and I doubt anyone whose opinion mattered would think the worse of you if you took a vacation from this Sisyphean task, however long or short.

The Seer said...

When my Sicilian grandfather wanted to get out of the Mafia, all he had to do was sell his routes to someone who met the mob's standards for trustworthiness and reliability. I say, let's apply the same rule to Lulu. If she is not woman enough to keep at it, let her find a suitable replacement. Maybe ty-guy would take the gig.

wv: compla

Dr.Dawg said...

Don't you dare. I'm serious,

Fat Arse said...

Quit. Don't quit. Whatever turns your crank. But whatever you decide make sure it feels right and do it quickly - long goodbyes are always tedious.

Dave said...

Ummm... NO!

Find a comfy niche and stay. (And I don't even watch the Saturday cartoons!)

Frank Frink said...


My dearest LuLu,

The following reference is oblique and cryptic as 'oblique and cryptic' is very much in my nature, but I do believe, or at least greatly trust, that you (and only you) would understand the following sentence.

This is just like hockey pool.

Yours precognitively,

Boris said...


sooey said...

I just try to suit myself. That's why I turned off my comments. I realized I didn't want criticism, just praise.

The only rightwing blog I read (occasionally) is Kathy Shaidle's because I like a take on current events that is completely opposite to my own. I used to read Kate McMillan's entries but I noticed a deliberate contrariness to her point of view that was too predictable to bother with. Plus I'd get sucked in to that retarded comments section of hers and waste minutes of my day reading such pointless drivel that I just won't do it anymore.

I can't imagine reading a partisan political blog - even to mock it. There's probably nothing more irrelevant in the entire world than a partisan political blog.

Hey, LuLu - I just made this thread all about me! Whatever you do, don't turn off your comments!

jj said...

Lulu - I hear ya. Teh Stoopid is funny for awhile, but on an ongoing basis it can get depressing.

Maybe you just need a break. Take a blogging vacay and see how you feel in a couple of weeks... at least that's my unsolicited advice.

You'll be missed, but we all need a rest now & then.

Mona Albano said...

Take a rest if you need it but it would be nice to know you're there, snarking away.

Thanks for your articles.

NBDUDE said...

Sorry to read that it is getting you down but I can under stand why. Personally I just don’t have the stomach or the time to waste reading the right wing drivel that you people at CC cover but after my home page at the ToStar loads your blog is my first stop. I do check out your links and watch Bugs on the weekend. But you do what you got to do Girl.

mikmik said...

Mid-life crisis? Love job, blogging, what next?