Saturday, April 04, 2009

I’d like to file a complaint.

In case the weather gods have failed to notice, it’s April 4th ... which makes the snow currently falling outside my window completely and utterly unacceptable.

And, for your big, fat information, my birthday is in exactly 9 days -- the 13th to be exact -- so there better not be a snowflake to be found. If there is, someone’s going to get such a pinch.

Consider yourselves warned.

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Kelseigh said...

Your birthday's the 13th? Awesome, mine's the 15th!

Which, coincidentally, is the same day as the Algonquin Open House at the Woodroffe campus. I'm part of the Pre-Animation group, so we're showing our work off to the public that day. If you (or any of the readers) are free between 3-7pm, come on over. Open to the public, free admission, free parking after 5. Directions are here, and I'm the tall redhead with stuff that looks like this, more or less.

Also, I'm in Blackburn and I see no snow yet.