Monday, April 13, 2009

Dear Woodstock:

Fuck you and your grief. Yeah, I think that one's going to become a regular here at CC HQ. For obvious reasons, wouldn't you say?

P.S. Curiously, the same Blogging Tories who have, over the last little while, gone totally, over-the-top, shrieking, batshit fucking crazy about Warren Kinsella's joke about cat meat seem to have no problem with one of their own colleagues telling an entire town to quit their whining and stop being such pathetic attention whores over a missing child.

If Blogging Tories co-founder Stephen Taylor hadn't established his legacy by now, I think this pretty much did it for him. Good job, Stephen. No need for you to tell an entire town to fuck right off when you can have one of your flying monkeys do it for you. It's important to keep your hands clean.


sooey said...

Ohferchrissakes, what kind of attention whore puts an apology on YouTube? Pay attention, CC!!!

And lining up on a highway to pay your respects to yet another inevitably dead soldier home from Afghanistan is, as Bill Maher would say - literally - the least you can do. People who do such things are no different than the flower people who clogged the streets of London after Lady Di died.

That's awkward to say... "Lady Di died"...

Now stop reading that idiot's blog. Your brain will shrink.

KEvron said...

"I think that one's going to become a regular here at CC HQ."second time i've been able to turn that one on him.

seriously, that one's got a loose nut in his head. most of them are just miserable, but he's cracked. and creepy.


Anonymous said...

Where is Wanda Watkins?