Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dear Stephen Taylor: I can haz Blogging Tories search box?

Shriek! Shriek!!! SHRIEK!!!!! Uh oh ...

Pakistani Teen Purportedly Shown in Flogging Video Now Says It Never Happened

A Pakistani teenage girl at the center of national outrage over a video purporting to show her public flogging by the Taliban reportedly told an Islamic judge and a provincial official that the incident never happened...

Hussain said that upon questioning by the Islamic judge, she denied neighbors' claims that she had been dragged from her home, held down and flogged. She also denied reports that she had been charged with having an illicit relationship with a local man — who witnesses claim also was beaten — or that the Taliban forced the two to marry, the Times reported.

Instead, Hussain said, the girl told the judge the man was her husband, and that the video was a fake distributed to disrupt the peace process in the region.

Oh, man ... some peoples' faces are going to be so red. These are the days when I really miss the Blogging Tories search box. On the other hand, I can understand why Stephen Taylor finally got rid of it. There's only so much public humiliation one can take.

Right, Stephen?

I don't expect any level of mea culpas from the total tools in the Canadian wankersphere who went into paroxysms of panty-yanking and pearl-clutching at the first reports of what appears to be a complete myth, but there are times when, in the face of monumental contradictory evidence, even some of Canada's dumbest wanks will sullenly and petulantly backtrack, with as little grace and class as humanly possible.

I give you Exhibit A.

Trust me in that you will physically feel your IQ dropping as you read.


Dharma Satya said...

I can't believe how long it took for Hunter to get the very, very, very basic (so basic a child could understand it) point that the information in the e-mail was incorrect.

It's as though the caricature of the conservative right-wing nutter is not an exaggerated mockery, but the unfortunate reality. I really wish I could call "Poe", because this would be a perfect example... except it's real. Which is scary. Giant-clown-puppet-in-a-dark-room-on-a-stormy-night scary.

Send Me An Emu said...

You aren't the least bit suspicious that she is now being forced to say this?

Ti-Guy said...

Sure. But there's a difference between suspicion and belief.

Gosh, I sure wish I'd thought of gulling these rubes a long time setting up a foundation for building democracy or something.

CC said...

"Send Me An Emu" chides us gently:

"You aren't the least bit suspicious that she is now being forced to say this?"

Possibly. But the difference between you and me, Send Me, is that I was suspicious about the first news report.

See how that works?

Niles said...

I have to admit, given the bad publicity the videoed flogging gave the Pakistani government, takeback now about how it was all fake is darn convenient. And the CBC reportage on the region seems to have been taken in by it (which is where I actually saw footage).

For an actor, she's a very good screamer. Unless she was *really* flogged, but still for purposes of uhm, counter-peace propaganda forces? Pro-Taliban forces? And more confusing, I read that she was beaten for being with her *ex* husband and as such he was no longer a male relative. But now she's just saying he was her husband, so all is good. Can't help but think this woman is a damned if she does and damned if she doesn't scapegoat now. She's the one identified party that made the Taliban *and* the government look bad.

The fact that Faux news is the link source for the retraction is not all that reassuring either. But hey, if it's propaganda, that was dang effective propaganda.

Red Tory said...

The heinous idiocy of that vacuous cunt is beyond measure.