Monday, April 06, 2009

Dear [insert deity of choice]:

You suck. No, really.

Yours in the April storm,

P.S. Seven days and counting until my birthday. That crazy white stuff better be gone or we’re going to have words -- some of them might be foul.

I'm just sayin' ...


Chimera said...

If you run out of words, feel free to get a few from me; I have lots, including some very choice foul... ;)

Boris said...

I won't tell you that it is currently 12.8 C here in downtown Edmonton.

wv= sping (!!!)

Frank Frink said...

If it was 12.8 C in downtown Edmonton today then you really don't want to know what the temperature was way over here to your left in Northern Northern California. (although we did have snowfall on April 1. No joke.)

The Doc said...

If this white shit continues, I'm personally blaming you, Lulu, and your angry outburst at the various gods.