Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Hunter: You keep using that word "troll" ...

... that's mostly because you're an idiot. I'm just sayin'.


thwap said...

So she misspells an important word in the title of a post where she mocks others for their spelling & people who point that out are trolls?

CC said...

As I've said on occasion, thwap, there is no engaging these people. They can only be mocked. That's what they're there for.

Southern Quebec said...

Does this mean I'm banned? *sigh*
or, in Huntereze, "Does this mean I'm band?" :)

mystereeoso said...

I can see it now - The Hunter of Voter's Conservadictionary - "all the words in this book have been chNaged by me because they were corrupted by lefties, who bug me!"

idiocracy anyone?

Ti-Guy said...

It's not that Hunter's a post-literate, pre-verbal moron that bugs me, so much as she doesn't sound that much more ignorant than the best the Conservatives have to offer.

Red Tory said...

It's HER echo-chamber, HER rules! Got it? And JoJo said it was a "good move"... so there! It has to be the RIGHT thing to do.

Glad we got that settled.

liberal supporter said...

More fun at neo's today. He has a purported excerpt from a globe and mail article about Shreiber, in which it refers to Harper's residence at Harrington Lake.

Perhaps the article was updated to say "prime minister's residence" after neo's rant was written, but though I informed neo of it at 12:33, and he dutifully deleted my comment at 12:43, the "Harper's residence" continues to stand.

Now the fun begins. The comments are now moaning about the Evil MSM trying to tie Harper to Shreiber by calling Harrington Lake Harper's summer residence. If the article was actually changed, we can give maryT a pass since she may have commented before (if it ever read as neo alleges).

But anyone after 12:33 can't be bothered or doesn't know how to follow the link. And since neo knows but hasn't changed the post, neo is deliberately LYING as usual.

Here is the comment he deleted:
Or was he lying then?The article says "including a memorable get-together at the prime minister's summer residence at Harrington Lake", contrary to your supposed quote from the article.

Who is the one lying now?

Or are you going to claim the globe updated it?

First it was hunter snickering about typos on CTV, and making typos of her own in the same post, now it's neo making things up.

Wait a minute, that's just a dog bites man story. The desperation is deepening, I see.

Ti-Guy said...

And JoJo said it was a "good move"... so there!Just keepin' morale up for the troops. Cause that's what JoJo does.

She and her ilk will be first up against the wall...

No mentoring, no challenging, no dissent, just inanely cheering on the lowest elements of the right wing.