Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The childrens' conservative crusade.

I'm not sure when this will stop being amusing and start being monumentally stultifying, but Blogging Tory Nikolas gives us a glimpse into the crippling, irreparable damage that can be done to impressionable young minds:

A 14 Year old the future of the Republican Party!

Time Magazine calls him, Lil' Limbaugh, and that is no understatement. At the age of 14 Jonathan Krohn has already written a book entitled; Define Conservatism for past, present and future. In his book he outlines what the four most important principles:
-Respect for the constitution
-Respect for life
-Less Government
-Personal Responsibility
He also looks at conservatism as a basis of principles rather than policy.

Quite right, Nikolas, because when I think of the last eight years of the Bush crime syndicate down south, an abiding respect for the Constitution is the first thing that leaps to mind for me.

Just when you thought no one on the Blogging Tory roster could be more imbecilic than "Hunter," well, they can still surprise.


Adam said...

-Respect for the constitution
-Respect for life
-Less Government
-Personal Responsibility
This would seem to be another in the long line of efforts to distance "conservatives" from those who actually attained power on their movement. The Bush administration didn't just fail the first test, they failed all four points rather spectacularly. Now the crazies can say, once again "see, Bush wasn't a conservative, he didn't meet our points here. Therefore, he was a liberal (because there are only two types of politician), therefore liberals are to blame for everything that went wrong since the last true conservative president, who's identity is unclear (Reagan, Jefferson Davis, Ted Roosevelt, who knows...).

thwap said...


But yeah, the "personal responsibility" thing made me gag.

These people are morons.

Chet Scoville said...

Oh, and let's talk about "respect for life" as it applies to a movement that started a pointless war that's killed hundreds of thousands of people, that takes the death penalty as one of its core policies, that regularly threatens its opponents with execution, that breeds extremists who shoot up churches and kill cops with AK-47s, and on and on.

Red Tory said...

I posted some videos of this kid a while back during that conservative confab in Washington. Very creepy.

The Artful Nudger said...

I think the (now defunct) "Raging Tory" would've given Hunter a run for his money back in the day, too. (Back in the day, of course, being last month sometime. Ah, how the blogs roll.)

Adam C said...

Well, Nikolas wrote understatement when he clearly meant to write overstatement, and then in the next sentence he used a semi-colon when a colon was required. And he has no clue how to capitalize titles. So I can understand him being in awe of a 14 year old who can write an entire book.

Or even read one, I suppose.

Sheena said...

Way to set yourself up for being beat up after school every day for the rest of your life, kid.

wv = abless.

A bless? or Abel-less.. how would YOU pronounce this one...

Frank Frink said...

Sheena, I would go with ab-less, as in Molson muscle.