Monday, February 09, 2009

Your "WTF?" quote of the day.

From "I'm the voice of reason" Blogging Tory "Liberty is Good":

It's true that having high salaries doesn't guarantee the best executives, but it's also true that having access to medical care doesn't guarantee good health.

In the same way, I suppose, that allowing gays to marry doesn't "guarantee" that the sanctity of traditional, heterosexual marriage will be threatened but, hey, there's no point risking it, right?

Excuse me while I go beat my face against the wall until my eyes bleed.


thwap said...

So, high salaries for incompetent executives = equal access to healthcare for everyone?

Why don't we grant the incompetent financial sector executives their princely salaries, as long as apologists like "mostlyfree" forego public healthcare.

Mark Francis said...

Clearly having access to reason doesn't mean some people make sense.

Ti-Guy said...

Arguing by analogy/comparison has become a pandemic that is bordering on mass hysteria.

What on Earth do these two issues have in common? Nothing...NOTHING!!


..*ahem*. Ok, I'm better now.