Thursday, February 12, 2009

And the circle of douchebagitude closes ...

Having run the gamut of wankery cluelessness, humourlessness, litigiousness and what have you back here, Blogging Tory and perpetual whiner Sandy Crux finally slaps a big red bow on that puppy:

"Comments are now off." And the cycle of perpetual, wanky, unaccountable stupid is complete.

I swear, if I was any more entertaining, this blog would need a cover charge.


psa said...

satire by sandy crux, doctor of teacheriness!

satire is when the godless tell their lies and blaspheme whilst snickering and i hate them. i won't think any more about it. this essay is now finished.

the end.

PeterC said...

I'm a teacher, and the first thing they teach you as a teacher is the "I'm a teacher so I know" is not an answer.

I pity the children/people who have to put up with bad teachers.


Ti-Guy said...

Well, she's retired from teaching, so thank God for that.

Funny that, for a teacher, she's never been much motivated to correct any of the number of misconceptions her irrational fans express endlessly in the comments section of her blog, which is, of course, the great sin of all educated conservatives, it seems.

Frank Frink said...

Sandy, teaching satire - u r doing it rong.

wv = "sittlite", a man-made satirical object orbiting Sandy's cranium.