Monday, October 06, 2008

Why Stephen Harper is unfit to govern.

Having been assured less than a month ago that everything was just peachy fucking keen with respect to the economy, we are all learning -- the hard way -- that that ain't quite the situation. And, to our chagrin, we also learn that, despite what Stephen Harper told us earlier, he has seen this coming for some time:

For example, the oft-repeated assumption that the capital positions of the country's banks has not caused alarm among authorities is false.

A senior member of government said the Finance Department developed concerns about the capital base of two Canadian institutions and exerted pressure on them to shore up their position, which they did.

The concerns first arose in late 2007 as the credit crisis built, while the remedial actions supervised by the bank regulator are thought to have continued into this year.

A legislative aide said they were shocked at the disclosure, adding it appeared to contradict the public message from the Conservatives that the government did not need to take a leading role in addressing risks in the financial sector.

In other words, while the Conservatives have been campaigning on their successful stewardship of Canada's economy, they've known that whole time that they were lying to us. And how did they finally respond?

Why, in the face of an impending financial meltdown, when we most need a strong and steady hand and responsible national leadership, Stephen Harper did the only logical thing: he dissolved Parliament and threw the country into an unnecessary and controversial election -- an election even he admits probably won't change anything. But here's the best, I mean really, the best part.

While Harper would undoubtedly like to give us all the impression that he can juggle this many balls at once, this is the man who filed an emergency motion to delay his defamation lawsuit against the Liberal Party because it would fall in the middle of the election, with his lawyers arguing that "the election distracts Harper from the details of the suit he filed over an allegation that Conservatives attempted to bribe a sitting MP in 2005."

And if poor Stephen publicly admits that he can't handle an election and a defamation lawsuit at the same time, what suggests he is up to dealing with an election and a worldwide financial crisis simultaneously?

Stephen Harper: Dishonest, irresponsible, and unfit to govern.

P.S. And a total, total, total fucking douchebag.



Niles said...

But the fundamentals are strong! And hopeful! And they have surpluses, not deficits! And a plan! A plan they'll produce after the advance polling! Because they're accountable! And transparent! And built on solid 'Harrisian' pragmatism! And the Liberals did it too!

I'm sure that when the 'Harper Valley PMO' feels the pressure of what the European nations are doing to conserve their standings hot and heavy, he'll come out with ...something...and I will believe him on such important matters. Because he would not tell me a lie about things like people's investments and retirement savings.

Oh wait...

burpster said...

I had a feeling that the election call was due to what was coming down the pipe. Now we see Haper for what he is...nothing but a lying con.

What is with the right and the need to slant or ignore the truth? I could at least repect the guy if he had told us the truth, even though I'd never vote for the pricks party. I'm sure he thought that the shit would hit the fan once he was back in office.

Toss this number around whenever you think of PM stevie...60 fucking Trillion.

The Seer said...

This highlights the real but unforeseen problem with fixed election dates. If Big Daddy had waited until the shit hit the fan . . . . The BT; should be congratulating themselves on having such a far-thinking and seeing Government.

liberal supporter said...

Sure puts the lie to his sneer that the "left" is "hoping" for a recession.

So when he said during the debates that "we've been taking steps since August" to deal with the coming problems, it seems his main step was putting out the trial balloons about how he could call a snap election without being defeated in the house and somehow he wouldn't be breaking his own law.

sooey said...

He seems worried he might actually get a majority and then have to do something about this economic crisis instead of just giving R.E.A.L. Women money and appointing Pro-Lifers to judicial panels.

Beijing York said...

More reason to deny him even a minority government. Kick his fat ass to the opposition curb and let the fun begin as the party implodes.

the rev. paperboy said...

You got that right Beijing. The tories will not be gracious in defeat. If Steverino doesn't get them back into the government benches there will be so much infighting and backstabbing it will be like a motorcycle gang rumble compared to the handbags at ten paces that is the current round of Liberal jockeying for position in the next leadership race.

Anonymous said...

Only thing I can add is one more total to the very appropriate douchebag description.

Mike said...

He's also hinting that we may go into deficit too, a week after smearing Dion for saying the same thing.

The CPC knew the economy was going south, and they broke their own fixed election date law in order to call an election before the shit really hit the fan, before the CPC started running deficits and before Canada got to taste what Deficit Jim did to Ontario in 2002.

He knew he'd lose if he ran an election when the opposition wanted it...