Thursday, October 02, 2008

Reality: still hard werk for some folks.

Conservative blogger Robert Jago is all excited:

I have joined the Western Standard’s Shotgun Blog

Thanks to Peter Jaworski for inviting me to blog at the Western Standard. It’s a solid bastion of libertarian thought in a sea of - um, things that aren’t particularly libertarian.

Quite right, Robert ... because when someone mentions Adam Yoshida, "libertarian" is the first word that leaps to mind for me.

I'm almost scared to ask Robert to define "progressive."

HEH. Amusingly, after a couple sane commenters show up at Robert's, who pops by but Twatrick, with his inevitable hideous misreading of, well, everything:

…As opposed to Mike and Stageleft and their favoured echo chambers?

Glass houses and stones, boys. Need I say more?

Let's see if we can explain this to Twatsy. On the one hand, we have The Snotgun Blog, with claims to libertarian leanings but actual tendencies more towards screeching, right-wing lunacy. On the other hand, we have CC HQ, with claims to kicking right-wing ass, and with actual tendencies to ... hey, how about that? ... kicking right-wing ass.

I'd explain the difference in more detail, but I'm guessing the normal people among you see the point I'm trying to make.


LuLu said...

I wonder how Robert would define "dictator" and "psychopath"? Now that would be interesting ...

Mike said...


Sweet Jesus fuck that guy is a moron. Yeah, MWW and I hang out there all the time for their great insights into libertarian thought....

David said...

The Western Standard is a bastion of Libertarian thought and does not support the CPC. Well, barely.

At least, according to P.M. Jaworski.

CC said...

Somewhere in there, there is a Polish joke struggling to escape.

Mike said...

Yes, echo chamber... because I've never gotten into it with Jeff, or Nambla Dick or even some of our Liberal brethren before.

Keep on thinkin' Twatsy, that's what yer good at...

Somena Woman said...


I hold the grand distinction of being the first *ever* person to be banned from posting at The Shotgun blog!

Of course, it only happened because I caught The Delisle Screech-Harpy editing people's comments... and Ezra decided that that conduct (editing people's comments and falsely attributing positions to them) was acceptable - and that my freaking out over McMillan's comments about bringing back residential schools was an example of *me* race baiting.

Oh - they did promise to put up a disclaimer that they would inform people that their comments could be arbitrarily changed by moderators -- but it's been YEARS and they still haven't posted any such disclaimer.

So be warned. If you post to the Shotgun - they can and may creatively edit what you say if they start to lose ground in a debate.