Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election 2008: Dumpster Diving

Fuck. I'm off to vote for some stupid bastards now. For the record, I detest this election. I don't recall a time when I thought less of the political choices being offered the Canadian citizenry. The Cons and the Libs are both inept, right of centre jerk offs that deserve a good trouncing. Certainly Harper and his team of juvenile sycophants are further to the right but the Liberals utterly spineless behaviour during the last parliament is hardly an attractive calling card. Still, compared to the endless campaign of nose picking and fart noises carried out by the Cons, they are marginally less disgusting. The NDP under Layton are a sad spectacle of begging and pleading to get a shot at being in second place. Here's a message for you Jack, Obama is an empty suit with a pleasant voice. He's a roll over candidate that gives away any progressive credibility or cause the moment a contentious vote arises. And you Jack, are no Obama. Liz May gets full points for nettling big Steve during the debates. I hope the Greens get a seat or two for no better reason than to bug Harper, beyond that meh. I do wish the Bloc were running nationally, as Duceppe is the only leader I have a lick of respect for.

Fuck the election. Fuck Harper for calling an unnecessary election. And fuck all of the parties for fielding such a knee deep shit swamp of choices.


Shannon said...

YES! This is exactly how I feel. I'm voting Liberal and I can't tell you how sick that makes me feel. I've never voted for them before and I don't want to now, but it's going to be *so* close in my riding (Esquimalt Juan de Fuca, if you're curious), that I have to, just to be one more vote against a Harpy majority.

liberal supporter said...

Liberals, because I know they will not shred our social safety net and turn us into a dog eat dog society that gleefully kicks people to the curb.

Liberals, because they aren't ideologues. Harper, as a grad student is still obsessed with proving to his thesis supervisor that the theories he was taught are correct and work. The theory is more important to him than the people that get kicked to the curb because of it. Dion, having reached doctorate level, doesn't have to prove anything and can use theories when they make sense but not when it harms people.

Liberals, because they try to be open with Canadians, instead of dictating to them. Two examples: when Adscam happened, the leader called an inquiry into, instead of trying to sue anyone who talked about it. Second example: the famous ATV blooper reel, which just shows that the leader tries to be accessible to the press, warts and all. Instead of rarely meeting with the press, and only when the RCMP "bodyguards" are there to confiscate any tapes that might make the vain Harper look bad.

Liberals, because I am tired of being sneered at by the extremists on the far right.

Liberals, because I know then there will be another election, because I know there will still be a Canada, with more or less the same institutions we have now.

Liberals, so I can relax and leave the driving of the ship of state to a team that I can trust enough.

Greg said...

Liberals, for when ipecac won't do.

psa said...

so liberal supporter, would it be safe to surmise that you're supporting the liberals?

Beijing York said...

I totally share your sentiments PSA. As a past NDP member and volunteer for a number of provincial and federal elections while still living in Ottawa, I have to say that I have never been as disappointed with the NDP as I have been for the past three years. Layton's bogus "I'm a leader" campaign was vapid and as empty as any hope-filled crap bellowed by Obama in his faux MLK speechifying.

The Liberals have been pathetic in their performance in the House and with their internal back biting and sabotaging of their leader. Harper could smell the blood in the water and successfully skewered Dion from the first day he led the LPC. You can almost hear Brutus 1 (Iggy) and Brutus II (Rae) counting the days before the next leadership convention.

Elizabeth May flip flops so much that it's hard to take her seriously. But I do give her credit for making Harper squirm during the debates.

Harper set the tone for this US style election and the opposition leaders fell for it, except for Duceppe. Bravo to him for running an honest campaign that went for Harper's jugular -- he offered a forceful critique of his actual policies and past performance.

The Liberals, NDP and Green focused so much attention on their respective Leaders that we barely got a sense of who they had on their teams. The campaign was hardly run on a local level except in those parts of the country where forceful leaders like Duceppe and Danny Williams called on people to defeat Harper.

I am in a very, very safe NDP riding in Winnipeg, held by an MP who didn't have the decency to call or drop by even ONCE. (Nor did the no name Harper delegate.) Since strategic voting didn't come into play, I decided to give my local Liberal candidate $1.75 for running a real campaign (he called a number of times and dropped off a brochure with a personal note on it when we were away -- and his campaign called to remind us to vote and offer rides if needed).

We also gave donations to a couple of superb NDP incumbents in BC, Liberals in SK and MB, Bloc Party in QB, and independent in NS. How's that for saying f*ck you to blind partisanship.

tablogloid said...

I am in Olivia Chow's riding and I voted for her in 2006 not just because she is as cute as a kitten but mostly because Tony Ianno had to go down for many reasons including his massive ego.
Harper needs to be crushed so I blindly returned to the Liberals tonight and voted for Christine Innes who, btw, is Mrs Ianno. I cannot win.

¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

Influencing the outcome is not a factor here in Davenport, where the Liberals could run a broken guitar tuner and win. Wishing to support Liberal popular vote, I put an X beside Mario Silva.

A CPoC minority = (round to the nearest whole egg) how much egg on Harper's face?

Beijing York said...

I'd be happier with a Harper loss myself. That way there will be lots of egg on Harper's face as well as every political pundit and pollster. That would make me sing with glee.

psa said...

well i got to the poll and there were blessed few people at any of the stations. i didn't see any brake line snipping harper thugs milling about. i got my ever so important piece of paper and stepped behind the cardboard of privacy. taking pencil in hand i scanned the slate and dropped my mark beside the name amanda lamka, a young woman who is running as an independent.

she is bright, articulate and brimming with ideals. she advocates for health care, community gardens, improved transit and for action against poverty. in other words she hasn't a chance. she is also an advocate for fair copyright and that won her my vote after the dismal showing by the cons and the libs. this country would be a damn sight better off with a few more honest idealists and a hell of a lot fewer of the professional carpet baggers that currently run the show.

my riding is pretty safe for the libs with party whip karen redman. redman is a nice enough person to talk to but her office has yet to respond to any of the emails i've sent, her campaign never got around to knocking on my door or dropping off literature and the libs just plain suck at the moment. fuck 'em. i vote starry eyed idealist.

Sheena said...

So.. like.. no strategery voting for PSA?

psa said...

strategy? i considered spoiling the ballot. the established parties have lost any hope of gaining my support. knowing that i am in a safe riding made the decision to vote for an independent easier but voting strategically with my nose pinched strikes me as more of a defeat. i won't give permission to hapless, idiots to rule in my name by my franchise simply to defy the other hapless idiots. the liberals, conservatives and ndp did not deserve my support nor do they receive it. the greens are are shaping up to be terminal losers and potentially this country's ralph nader. may flipped and flopped and did not perform. my thought remains, fuck 'em.

Sheena said...

Nope. Strategery