Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dear Aaron: Stop being such a total asshole.

Seriously, Aaron, what the fuck is your point here?

You Think It’s Easy To Make Priorities?

Apparently, Canada’s eco-youth have been taking courses at the Stephane Dion School Of Priorities. Why else would we even see stories like this?

Our federal environment minister cancels his appearance in front of 30 Canadian youth, so he could go and try to pressure some country named “China” into making climate-change commitments? Good God Minister, don’t you have your priorities straight?

Here, Aaron, let me repeat the salient point from the very article to which you linked (emphasis added):

By Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press

BALI, Indonesia - A Canadian youth delegation stormed out of a government-sponsored event at the UN climate talks in frustration Tuesday when Environment Minister John Baird cancelled his appearance.

The young environmentalists were already upset with the minister for including business groups in his delegation while refusing to sit down with them, and for his hardline negotiating tactics at the Bali climate conference.

Their annoyance became cold fury when they learned that the minister had suddenly skipped out on a public event where he was supposed to explain Canada's position.

They had spotted Baird milling about the conference hall before the event. He disappeared moments later and the moderator announced halfway through that the minister could not attend.

Did you catch all that, Aaron? No? Well, then, let me explain it in appropriately short words. Baird was scheduled to be at an event, and he bailed without warning, stiffing a bunch of Canadians while still having buckets of time to suck up to business groups.

So, really, Aaron, just put a fucking sock in it. Your sarcasm is utterly misplaced, as well as pathetically childish. The sad thing is, it appears to be what passes for devilishly clever over in the Blogging Tory circle jerk and biodome.

Man, that's just monumentally depressing, isn't it?


ALW said...

Maybe you missed the rest of my post. You know: the part about the purpose of the conference.

And as for being an asshole, sarcasm and putting a fucking a sock in it, first.

Red Tory said...

Didn't the BT-HiveReader® utilizing its advanced Predictameme™ feature almost precisely forecast Aaron's post yesterday? Why yes, it did.

CC said...


The purpose of the conference is not relevant to this discussion. As you can read, Baird had agreed to attend the meeting, and those Canadians showed up, expecting Baird to keep his promise.

He didn't.

Really, what part of that eludes you? The part about keeping a promise?

ALW said...

The purpose of the conference is not relevant to this discussion

Oh. Well then. But seriously: if the most important thing is to reach some deal - any deal - come hell or high water, wouldn't you think these young environmentalists, of all people, would be thrilled that the Minister is so busy trying to make one, that he doesn't have to show? Wouldn't you?

No, you wouldn't. Because as usual, no matter what Baird says or does, he's going to get shat on. So he may as well stop giving a lick about the optics of it and just get a deal done.

Speaking of which, if he does get a deal, a lot of people screaming right now are going to look awfully stupid.

Ti-Guy said...

wouldn't you think these young environmentalists, of all people, would be thrilled that the Minister is so busy trying to make one, that he doesn't have to show?

Oh, give it rest. You're projecting your feelings about this on to everyone else and for a libertarian, that should be heretical.

The understanding was that he would speak. He was a no-show for reasons that appear unconvincing.

He is an elected official, not the CEO of some corporation.

What am saying? As if rightwingers understand that kind of nuance.

Because as usual, no matter what Baird says or does, he's going to get shat on.

I think that's usually a matter of "splash back" when that shrieking psychotic loses control of his bowels.

Red Tory said...

The more important issue here is how Baird/Harper are framing the negotiations into an either/or, all/nothing proposition. I hope CC & Co. address this in due course.

ALW said...

He was a no-show for reasons that appear unconvincing.

Meeting with one of the three holdout countries for the purposes of striking a deal, at a conference on climate change is 'unconvincing'? What would be convincing? That his mother was ill and he had to make a phone call?

Besides, he showed up and had a beer with them later on anyway. But of course, because that doesn't get caught on tape, there's no political benefit. Cue the outage.

CC said...

Yes, Aaron, of course you're right -- because, after all, meeting with another country to perhaps hammer out a world-changing agreement on climate change isn't something you'd ever, you know, schedule ahead of time.

Instead, it's critically important that these developments be done utterly ad hoc, on the spur of the moment, to the detriment of other commitments.

Is that the story you're going with, Aaron? Please tell me that's the story you're going with.

Paladiea said...

This is why I don't read Aaron's blog.

CC said...

By the way, Aaron, why don't you tell us that you would have been this understanding if Stephane Dion had treated a bunch of young conservatives this contemptuously?

Because you and I both know that, if that had happened, the entire Canadian Mouthbreather-o-sphere would have been going absolutely spewing ratfuck over it. You know that, and I know that, so let's stop playing these idiotic games, shall we?

Ti-Guy said...

Jesus Christ, they went ballistic because Dion ate a hot dog with a knife and fork.

This government has had almost two years to establish itself as representatives of the people, and at every turn, has treated everyone who doesn't repeat their talking-points as either the enemy, or not worth the time of day.

Again, the Conservatives are exceeding the caricature of Liberal arrogance they themselves never cease complaining about.

ALW said...

CC - no, you’re right! I forgot this was a UN summit. Staying on time is of paramount importance. Otherwise, a few roundtables run long, and then there’s problems setting up the Powerpoint presentation, and before you know it, dinner’s been postponed by 45 minutes! No, sticking to the schedule is key. After all, I know that the eco-lobby would have been totally understanding if Baird had announced they were close to a deal, but unfortunately he had to move along to his next appointment.

As for Stephane Dion, I don’t think you’ll find many young conservatives who would show up to hear him speak. And if they did, it would only be to heckle and embarrass him. don’t suppose that’s what those “young environmentalists” were going to do to John Baird do you? Imagine.

Scotian said...

"As for Stephane Dion, I don’t think you’ll find many young conservatives who would show up to hear him speak. And if they did, it would only be to heckle and embarrass him. don’t suppose that’s what those “young environmentalists” were going to do to John Baird do you? Imagine." ALW 2:52 PM

Awww, poor Baird needs to be protected from hecklers, as if being heckled is not part of what any politician let alone a member of a government is required to put up with as a part of their profession, at least in democracies. Especially when they are citizens of his nation and therefore the people he works for while he is in government office regardless of what the political affiliations of those citizens are. One of the biggest problems with the CPC is that they, like the GOP in the USA, think they only govern/represent their voters and not the entire population when they are the sitting government.

For such a decisive bold and straightforwardly honest and accountable government this sort of conduct is totally without justification. Oh wait, it was the CPC and its supporters that told me that the government had these qualities, no wonder in reality/truth this government is none of these things but instead is poll obsessed cowardly, never accepts blame/responsibility for anything while claiming credit for anything it can regardless of validity.

Got to love these utterly cowardly defences of Baird like the poor man having to face the possibility of being heckled. Oh boo hoo, such a horrible fate and one that must be prevented from happening to CPC politicians because they are so weak and fragile that they cannot withstand such. Bah.

matt said...

What exactly are the youth bringing to the Bali conference? Is their position unique? Is saying "me too" somehow more profound when you're young? Do these young environmentalists have the courage of their convictions such that they will offset the carbon cost of their voyage, with their own money to demonstrate personal ownership of the climate change problem, in a way that encourages a responsible price of carbon?

Adam said...

I am one of the youth that attended COP13 and to quickly answer your question of "what are the youth bringing to the Bali conference?" It would of course be media attention and an outlet for other young people to become education on the decisions that are being made. While a major focus is put on what side people are on the Canadian Youth Delegation was a group of Canadian youth from all political party backgrounds that want concrete actions from the current government that represents us. To touch on Minister Baird showing up to the Canadian side event in flip flops then ducking out because the crowd was not the business community, only later to be seen enjoying drinks and relaxing. I am not sure if that qualifies as working on the troublesome position of getting China to sign an agreement.

But honestly what could Canadian youth ever offer to this United Nations summit? Obviously nothing as Matt has noted, but I must get back to doing nothing, that being managing a United Nations Development Programme Climate Change Publication for youth.

juststeve_ said...

haven't read all the deep analysis and i am sure informed and educated discourse here but let me reassure you.....john baird is an asshole....for a gay guy, he is the biggest homophobe i have ever seen (think its an accident the biggest asshole as pm in our history steveie fucking wonder sent his wife to events with johnny?) he is a graduate of the most inept government that ran a province mike harris common sense revolution let them drink tainted water walkerton wallies...there i feel better...john baird runs out the back door while in attendance at an international enviro his private life i bet he's backing in and out of a lot of other back doors......johnny fuck off somewhere

Mike said...
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Mike said...

If you seriously believe Baird was out to do any good for the environment, you might be the stupidest person alive, and it is probably time to kill yourself.

My verification word was "shocker."

There's a punchline in there somewhere.

Mike said...

p.s. You will notice that retarded shit like Baird having absolutely no policy at all yet making large demands from China happened in the US previously.

It costs a shitload of money to get a Chinese VISA for US citizens. It costs a fifth of that for Canadians.

People notice this stuff. Baird doesn't fool anyone who isn't towing the party line.