Tuesday, November 03, 2009

When cripplingly stupid Blogging Tories blog.

Blogging Tory Jonathan "The Retarded Conservative" Strong rips the latest fax off the fax machine, and gets right to work rogering reality with a wire brush:

A Conservative Awakening

Three special elections are poised to be a referendum on President Obama and, more so, the party of statism versus the ideas of individual liberty (typically known as conservatism). Christie in New Jersey faces Corzine, the incumbent governor of New Jersey, in a tight race. McDonnell faces Deeds in the governorship of Virginia and has a wide lead. Hoffman leads Owens in New York Congressional District-23 by about 5%.

Yes, by God, that Hoffman/Owens thing will clearly be a "referendum" on Obamaness. Or perhaps not.

And if Corzine loses to Christie in New Jersey, well, that's just going to be another shining example of a relentless conservative resurgence. Or perhaps not:

Early Republican Lead

Christie, 47, the former U.S. attorney for New Jersey, led Corzine by as much as 12 percentage points in a July poll by Quinnipiac after the incumbent enacted a $29 billion budget that slashed spending, raised income taxes on the wealthy and boosted excise taxes on cigarettes, wine and liquor.

The Republican also got a boost from the July arrests of 44 people, including state and local elected officials, on federal bribery charges. That temporarily shifted attention from the economy to the state’s reputation for pay-to-play politics, and Christie’s credentials as a corruption fighter.

And then ... and then ... oh:

The Republican stumbled after failing to articulate specific plans on how he would close the state’s budget deficit, lower property taxes and help the economy recover, said Patrick Murray, a political scientist at Monmouth University in West Long Branch and director of its polling institute.

Christie never moved beyond the early stages of the campaign, and failed to convince voters there was more to his candidacy than the fact he wasn’t Corzine, Murray said. “His race will go down as what not to do.”

Yes, nothing says resurgence like having a comfortable 12-point lead, and managing to blow it to the point where you're fighting to pull this one out of the bag, eh, Jonathan?

Would someone please take away Jonathan's keyboard? He's just embarrassing his ideology.

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