Saturday, November 07, 2009

Time to find another pin-up girl, Mark.

Once upon a time, Blogging Tory Mark Peters was all moist for conservative poster girl Carrie Prejean:

Character is beautiful

Witness Miss California 2009, Carrie Prejean, willing to stand for her principles rather than sell out for an accolade...

I wonder how it is that a woman's inner beauty, integrity, strength and character makes her worthy of such viciously derogatory comments from a judge, no less, instead of counting as something positive.

So, Mark ... how's that disturbingly creepy Carrie worship of yours holding up? Uh oh. That's gonna leave a mark.

BY THE WAY, it's amusing how yokels like Mark Peters gush (metaphorically) over Prejean as "willing to stand for her principles rather than sell out for an accolade" when, in fact, she did nothing of the sort.

As everyone knows, Prejean spoke her mind but, rather than live with the consequences of that, she proceeded to bitch and moan about how mean everyone was being to her, then started yammering on about discrimination and lawsuits and the like.

Prejean has no principles. None. If you want to understand how principles work, then you need to read this. Eli Herring had principles. Eric Liddell had principles. Carrie Prejean was just a trampy porn star and shakedown artist who refused to accept the consequences of her public homophobia.

One can certainly understand why someone like Mark Peters would find that so laudable.


sooey said...

Why the hell was Perez Hilton judging a beauty contest, anyway?

Ti-Guy said...

Mark Peters on Ms. Prejean's appeal:

External beauty is fleeting. Inner beauty lasts forever and is greater.

What luck. We'll all soon have the chance to see that inner beauty and judge for ourselves.

sooey said...

I thought she was a bit of a dog, actually.

Wayne said...

Christ that is funny.

sooey said...

I don't think funny is the word a normal person would use here, Wayne. Please visit a healthcare professional as soon as possible. I think you might be insane.