Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ray Comfort: Ignorant douchebag.

A recent commenter warns me about this:

Living Waters Canada is heading up the Canadian Origin Into Schools Project! Our goal is to distribute 1000 copies of this book at 21 Canadian Universities on November 24th 2009. We need your help to make this happen.

That would be this lying hack, Ray Comfort. I think I'll make the time to drop by. It doesn't get more low-hanging fruit than that.


Ti-Guy said...

From the web site:

"Your donation to this project by purchasing any number of boxes which will go toward the Origin Into Schools Project in Canada."

Since when are donations and purchases interchangeable?

I really hope Revenue Canada is paying attention to all of this.

The Seer said...

If Ray Comfort believes that " humans initially reproduced by asexual fission," maybe he met my Irish grandmother before she expired. I always figured "virgin birth" but "asexual fission"could be a reasonable alternative and possibly even more satisfying theory. Nor was my grandmother the exception; "purity" is the essence of Irish grandmothers.