Saturday, November 21, 2009


Heh. Indeed.

P.S. Remember how you always wished that "Ignorance should be painful?" It's not always, but at least it's occasionally uncomfortable and leaves you to stand outside for several hours, freezing in the cold for nothing. So there's that.

AH, THE UNINTENTIONAL HILARITY: Who else but Blogging Tory Maria "Stupid, Ignorant Leftards" Nunes would conveniently post this pic on her latest sopping panties paean to the Quitbull from Wasilla?

I really don't need to work on collecting the humour anymore. It just shows up at my doorstep on a regular basis.

: It's amusing to watch how poor MariaS, as smitten as she is with Caribou Barbie, is incapable of describing parts of Palin's life accurately. Here's Maria, going all gushy for Sarah:

There is a story that was published some months ago about how Palin used to keep a jar of names with telephone numbers of Alaska citizens on slips of paper, on her desk. Once a week she would let her hand drop into the jar and randomly pull out some of the slips and call up those numbers and ask simple questions: "How are we doing? Are we doing a good job? What improvements would you like to see in Alaska?"

Gosh, that's adorable. And, sadly, inaccurate:

During her first year in office [as mayor of the town of Wasilla], Palin kept a jar with the names of Wasilla residents on her desk. Once a week, she pulled a name from it and picked up the phone; she would ask: "How's the city doing?"

So the story doesn't reflect Palin's self-aborted stint as governor of Alaska, it refers to her tenure as mayor of Wasilla. Sure, it's pedantic, but it's also depressing to realize that Maria -- who so obsessively worships Palin to the point where Palin probably has extra security to check the bushes for footprints every night -- is incapable of accuracy in a story even that simple. But this is MariaS we're talking about here. Don't be expecting accuracy any time soon.


Southern Quebec said...

You left out the winning quote!!!!!

"Suffice to say, that the first woman president of the USA will be Palin, make no mistake about..."

hahahaha...she's as nuts as Hunter!

thwap said...

Are those cockroaches lining up to see her in that cartoon?

(They're much smaller than the woman/palin sitting at the table.)

Kelseigh said...

I'll thank you to refer to them as "her base" in the future, thwap.