Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jesus, Mary, Mother of God, the crippling stupid.

It's been a while since we've popped by the nursing home to check on Blogging Tory Sandy Crux. Let's see how advanced the dementia is these days. Oh, dear:

Breaking: Tory MP Shelly Glover’s “watergate”

So, what is the problem now? Well, according to the Globe and Mail, we are just learning that Conservative MP Shelly Glover offered to give free water bottles to Manitoba French immersion students to reward them for speaking a second language. Of course, the school board of education had to turn the offer down because — there was a Conservative logo on the bottles.

There you have it. Canada’s very own “watergate” scandal. Or, should we call it “schoolgate?” Surely, Ms. Gover [sic] should have known she couldn’t add the colour blue on the water bottles.

No, no, wait, don't roll your eyes yet. Wait for it ... wait for it ... ah, here we go:

You see, the problem with all this is that the Liberal Party of Canada could easily hand out bottles with a Canadian flag design, representing both the country AND the party (because the red and white colours are the same) and it would no doubt have been fine with the school district and the media.

Petty nonsense. I’m now afraid to ask, what next?

There's a reason Sandy's kids don't visit her that often anymore. It's just ... difficult.


Metro said...

The finest moment:

"(because the colours are the same)"

They need parentheses to explain that. Wow.

Ti-Guy said...

Stupid old hag. The bottles had the Conservative Party logo and Glover's name on them.

CC said...

The funniest part is Hunter's comment:

"This is why the Globe and Mail is losing readers, they keep spewing Liberal propaganda."

What this has to do with the Globe and Mail is a mystery. It was a news story, they wrote about it. It's what they do.

Apparently, simply reporting news these days can be viewed as Liberal propaganda. God, but Hunter is an idiot.

Metro said...

On the other hand, the National Post is doing rather well spewing Conservative propaganda, I suppose?