Saturday, November 07, 2009

It's because they lie.

About even the smallest things.

P.S. If the PMO is genuinely concerned about helping out photographers by "supplementing" their collection of pics of Il Douche, they should just give those photogs the freedom to "supplement" their collection with photos of their own choosing.

I'm thinking this one would make a handy accompaniment to any Harper-related piece:

It seems only fair, wouldn't you say?

LuLu here: And any use of that photo should be accompanied by John Rogers’ oh-so-apt description of Big Daddy Stephen Harper, n’est ce pas?

But, general principles aside, to see money for the advancement of conservative American causes not only funneling into Canada, but not getting SPAT RIGHT BACK IN THEIR FACE, is infuriating. Even if you don't believe in same-sex marriage, fine, don't you believe in Canada's bloody autonomy? Oh, yes, remember when Canada returned all those escaped slaves, because the US wanted them back? No? You venal, cowardly, seditious little pricks. I find it incredibly ironic that Stephen Harper is the leading opponent of gay rights, because if he takes this money he might as well be wearing chaps and a t-shirt that says "I'm an American Evangelical's BOTTOM BITCH."


pogge said...

I've grown rather fond of that photo myself.

Liza said...

Are those snaps or buttons on that vest? He looks like an Amish John Travolta.
I love this photo.

CC said...

Velcro. Stephen's a velcro kind of guy.

sooey said...

Trudeau travelled with his own photographer, too. Perhaps Harper is hoping we'll dedicate a gallery to him, too, one day.

Frank Frink said...

That photo is, and will always be, proof that Harper is an Ontarioan. No real Albertan wears a cowboy hat backwards.

Unless he was deliberately paying homage to those old 'Saddle Pals'.