Friday, November 06, 2009

I'm thinking the word "blowback" might apply here.

Uh oh ... this has some ugly overtones (emphasis depressingly added):

Hasan was ‘mortified’ about deployment
Relatives: Ft. Hood suspect upset over being harassed about being Muslim

WASHINGTON - Born and reared in Virginia, the son of immigrant parents from a small Palestinian town near Jerusalem, he joined the Army right out of high school, against his parents’ wishes. The Army, in turn, put him through college and then medical school, where he trained to be a psychiatrist.

But Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the 39-year-old man accused of Thursday’s mass shooting at Fort Hood, Tex., started having second thoughts about his military career a few years ago after other soldiers harassed him for being a Muslim, he told relatives in Virginia.

By way of response, Canada's Blogging Tories reacted predictably to this tragedy by -- you guessed it -- mocking and ridiculing Muslims. Yeah, that's just the approach you want to take here. What could possibly go wrong?


Southern Quebec said...

Aaaah...he was a psychiatrist. I would be more worried about that. He was working with soldiers who had PTSD.

Ti-Guy said...

hafter other soldiers harassed him for being a Muslim, he told relatives in Virginia.

I wonder if Ezra Levant inundated him with hate-mail, calling him "Liar, liar, LIAR!"?

Wayne said...

What happened explained.

CC said...

Gosh, Wayne, that's ever so compassionate and tasteful of you -- comparing the murder of a dozen people to a Monty Python skit.

Stay classy. We expect no less.

Ti-Guy said...

Actually, I liked the part where Wayne blew up at the end.

Wayne said...

The point is.... a satirical skit is now reality. Draw any cartoons lately.

sooey said...

That incident is a pretty serious indictment of homeland security measures.