Monday, November 02, 2009

Apparently, some people are easily distracted.

Oh, dear ... this is a wee bit embarrassing:

Quebec a loser in stimulus sweepstakes: CP analysis

By Heather Scoffield (CP) – 13 hours ago

OTTAWA — Stimulus money earmarked for Quebec is only trickling down to communities in the province, while other provinces are awash in federal funds, an analysis by The Canadian Press shows.

Haggling among three levels of government has dramatically slowed the flow of construction and jobs, prompting municipal leaders to ask for an extension of the two-year deadline set by Ottawa.

"We're wasting time," said Bernard Genereux, the president of the Federation of Quebec Municipalities and mayor of St-Prime, QC. "It's punishing municipalities. It's preventing us from getting to work. We're losing the first year of the program."

Quickly, then ... we need a bright, shiny thing for the mentally crippled. Oh, look.

And all was well in Retard-o-ville again.


Southern Quebec said...

Like Godwin's Law, there should be an equivalent for Adscam. This is the only word these people know in a discussion. It doesn't matter what the topic is, one of these morons will scream ADSCAM. (And, think he is brillant).

M@ said...

A side issue here... you don't "move" a motion, as Stephen Taylor puts it; you make a motion.

It's a very, very basic bit of terminology that, if you've ever been involved in any kind of committee, you would not get wrong.

Which leads me to wonder: if Stephen Taylor doesn't know the most basic things about what happens in government and how they do what they do, what qualifies him to actually comment on any of it?

Metro said...

Well, actually, all the legislation the tories have advanced certainly qualifies as a movement rather than a motion.

And such a movement as we would see from a sitting MP.

Indeed, one rarely sees such movements from anyone who isn't seated.