Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And sometimes, God just hands you the entertainment.

Raging, Weightlifting Chickenhawk Jew Justin "Raging Tory" Hoffer wants your feedback:

Changing my blog name.

I've decided that I'm going to change my blog name, and I have a few ideas as to what. Please vote in the poll on the left and tell me what you think. Poll will run until the end of November. My own vote is for Republican Conservative, but I'm open to suggestions.

Feel free to drop by and give Justin some suggestions. I'm thinking that something combining the ideas of bogus military service and 'roid rage would fit the bill. But that's just a thought.

with his own amusing take on history:

National socialists continue to live.

In the 1940's, left wing dictators set out to massacre every Jew in the world.

A blog name of "Massively Retarded Blogging Tory" leaps to mind. Or maybe "Justin Can Weightlift." Either one works for me.


jj said...

Snatch Clean & Jerkoff!

thwap said...

How about "A Moron With Obvious 'Issues' Who Blurts Out That He'd Like to KILL Muslims But Then Changes His Mind Because Some Muslims Might Throw Rocks at His Tank and Who Shouldn't be Blogging But He Does, So Everybody Else Should Just Look Away, Because He's Just Embarrassing Himself"?

Gene Rayburn said...

How about simply "Dumbbells"

Audrey II said...

I suggested "Ralph Wiggum, Realized", but for the oddest reason, my comment isn't showing up on his blog. ;)

Gube said...

I would've said failblog, but that's already taken.