Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inconsistent much, Damian?

Shorter Damian Penny: "How dare some people engage in hate speech?"

Shorter Damian Penny: "I'm here to defend hate speech."

But wait ... it gets so much funnier because, you see, in that second link, Damian gets all panty-tuggy and free-speech-warrior weepy about, well, free speech. Damian sets the stage:

An anti-abortion speaker tried to give a presentation comparing legal abortion to the Holocaust - a gross trivialization of the Holocaust, in my opinion - at St. Mary's University (a Catholic school) late last week.

And then what happened, Damian? Oh ...

Since the purpose of a university is to ensure that no one has their deeply held beliefs challenged in any way, a mob of pro-choice activists shut him down.

Under the circumstances, then, Damian, perhaps you'd like to fill us in on exactly what "deeply held beliefs" were being challenged here. Because, as I read it and unless I'm hideously mistaken, there was no intellectual content in that "presentation." There was nothing even remotely resembling an argument or intellectual discourse. No, if I read that correctly, the main point of that diatribe was that, well, pro-choicers are like Nazis. And, sadly, this is where it becomes obvious that folks like Damian are supremely and irreparably retarded and should not be allowed to partake in actual conversation with others who have a functioning brain.

At the risk of generalizing, we in the Not-Stupid-o-Sphere are well aware of the opinions of the anti-choicers. Really, folks, we know what you believe because, quite simply, you never shut the hell up about it. In a nutshell, you hate abortion and you think people who defend it are no better than the Nazis who murdered millions of Jews.

We get it. Honest to fucking Christ, we get it. But that's not an argument, it's not a presentation and it's not intellectual discourse. It's just you shrieking about what you hate. So how is that news? We've heard it all before more times than we care to count, and having you continue to keep howling the same thing really doesn't contribute anything to the debate.

So what exactly is Damian so yanked off about regarding what went down at SMU? An anti-choice speaker compared abortion to the Holocaust. Is that supposed to be the basis for a discussion? Is there something there that's actually debatable? No, it's simply hate speech, with no pedagogical content whatsoever but, curiously, Damian and his shrieky right-wing buddies are the first to rush to the defense of "free speech" as if there was something resembling content there that deserved defending.

By way of analogy, it would be as if someone advertised a "presentation" purporting to criticize Israel's foreign policy with respect to the Palestinians, but proceeded to denigrate Jews and describe them as, I don't know, mud people or what have you. That would have precisely the same intellectual content, yet I'm sure Damian and his fellow Blogging Sycophants for Israel Tories would be absolutely howling in outrage over that. I'm guessing accusations of "anti-Semitism" would be filling the air.

Here's a suggestion, Damian: If you feel the overwhelming urge to defend someone spewing what is nothing more than vacuous hate speech simply because you agree with the message, then you might want to put a fucking sock in it whenever you get the urge to accuse anyone of "anti-Semitism." That would be the consistent thing to do but, given that you're a Blogging Tory, I'm guessing something like that isn't going to happen in my lifetime.

Call it a hunch.


Mike said...

Don't try CC. I tried to talk some sense in the comments at youtube only to have the idiots wail and moan about how, despite moving to another venue on campus and continuing with his pleasantly fact and argument free presentation, poor Jojo had his "free speech curtailed".

When I asked if people still be defending this if it were a bunch of Jewish students doing this because of his debasement of the Holocaust...I got crickets. Same when I asked if a group of Jewish students who shouted down a group of neo-Nazis would guilty of suppressing their free speech.

For some reason all of them - especially one guy who I suspect is Pachecco (as did someone else there)- think free speech means saying any wild thing you want without consequence.

These people are idiots and if you can stomach the comments on the youtube video, you'll notice they are fetus fetishist extreme - no words about the mother, save scorn and derision.

Ti-Guy said...

Jesus, what a bunch of time-wasters in Damian's comments section. I wish some progressives (like Dawg) would stop dialoguing with them (which is utterly pointless) and simply lecture them if they need to say anything at all. I see the good Doctor was taken to task over a minor, insignificant detail and responded with a lavish "mea culpa."


Audrey II said...

I love how anti-choicers characterize their abortion holocaust rhetoric as mere "dissenting views".

It isn't merely a "dissenting view" to claim that women's health providers and women who terminate a pregnancy are engaging in a crime against humanity.

That's why these people need to be pushed on the implications of choosing to employ such rhetoric. Do they really feel that women who have abortions ought to be hung/shot for war crimes as was done with Nazis? Do they really think that armed resistance and lethal action against abortion providers is justified? The point is to separate those who don't really believe that a holocaust is occurring (but dishonestly adopt this kind of rhetoric for shock value) and those that really do.

Expose both this untenable faustian alliance between the dishonest anti-choice propagandists and the true violent zealots in one easy response. Let the more reasonable amongst them choke on the dissonance between their words and their (lack of) actions and at the same time, draw attention to their insane, violent, radical comrades-in-absurd-holocaust-associations

CC said...

The fact that these people have not thought this through is, at times, embarrassingly obvious.

Cameron Campbell said...

This hatred of Universities and everyone who studies at them fascinates me.

Also, as others have pointed out "you fucking well suck you murderers" isn't a point of view.